Thunderbirds Charities Supports Veterans Heritage Project

A recent grant awarded to Veterans Heritage Project (VHP) from Thunderbirds Charities will support the organization’s character and civic education program which Connects Students with Veterans.TM Grant funds are supporting critical program elements such as technology licenses; training and appreciation activities for the volunteer teachers; and community book reception expenses.

The after-school program is conducted through school chapters (clubs.) Middle and high school students learn about history, citizenship, service, and leadership by interviewing veterans, and documenting their service stories, the significance and impact on their lives and careers, and life lessons. They write each veteran’s story, learn Adobe software to layout and publish the stories in the student publication, Since You Asked,TM and preserve the oral history video in the Library of Congress. Students become published authors.

At the end of each school year students honor veterans at free community book-signing events. On May 28, 2023 at Chateau Luxe event venue, local school partners and their honored veterans will gather for this memorable event. The public is welcome and will have the opportunity to meet veterans during a book signing.

As a result of Thunderbirds Charities support, academics are enriched and students develop character and 21st century skills. Veterans feel appreciated and fulfilled by continuing to give back, and the community is bonded through increased patriotism and civic engagement.

Veterans Heritage Project

This grant is part of the Fall 2022 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.