PCA & Thunderbirds Charities – Creating A Positive Sports & Youth Development Legacy For All Kids

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) & Thunderbirds Charities have joined forces once again in 2022-23 to collaborate on the “Creating A Positive Sports & Youth Development Legacy For All Kids”. Through Thunderbirds Charities and its generous support of PCA with a $50,000 grant, PCA will have the opportunity to expand its work with underfunded schools and Youth Sports Organizations to teach valuable leadership and life skills/ lessons that can be taught through sports.

“The tremendous impact that Thunderbirds Charities has had on amplifying the mission of PCA over the years has been a big reason why we are so successful here in Arizona, said Rich Tomey, PCA Regional Director. “Without this critical support, PCA would be limited in providing much-needed resources for Arizona’s underserved schools and youth organizations that see the value in PCA programming. Involvement in sports has been a tremendous predictor for success in school, life and in the business world later in life… this grant will allow us to conduct a wide range of workshops that teach valuable life lessons for coaches, athletes and parents.”

Some of the lessons learned will be:

Leadership Training: sets the table for success by aligning School Administrators, Staff and Coaches to achieve great things. Topics include:

• Culture-shaping skills development for leaders
• Elements of a positive coaching culture
• Structural pillars and maintenance of a positive culture
• Development of an organization-specific development plan

Coach Training: introduces PCA‘s Double-Goal Coach model and presents research from experts in coaching, education and sports psychology. Every participant gains access to practical, proven tools that they can immediately begin using in their next practice or competition. Topics include an in-depth review of the three principles of Positive Coaching:

• ELM Approach to Building a Mastery Environment
• Filling of Emotional Tanks for Optimal Performance
• Honoring the Game

Athlete Training: educates high-school athletes on becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor who strives to improve themselves, their teammates and the game. Outcomes include:

• Inspiration to value competitors and respect rules, officials and the game
• Education of powerful sports psychology techniques to improve performance
• Player self-confidence, resiliency, response to adversity, self-control and mental toughness

Positive Coaching Alliance

This grant is part of the Fall 2022 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.