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Thunderbirds Charities Sponsors Online Support Groups for Special Needs Children

In 2021, with the pandemic waning for many mainstream individuals, the special needs community needs a lifeline. While Lions Camp Tatiyee understand the challenges that the broader community has faced as a whole, studies conducted over the last year have shown that special needs children have suffered significantly more trauma and setbacks than their mainstream peers. The pandemic has been devastating for the special needs community, promoting unprecedented levels of depression, trauma, and self-harm.

Children with special needs across the State of Arizona remain isolated and excluded due to unique health conditions that make them uniquely vulnerable. As such, Lions Camp Tatiyee is working with Thunderbirds Charities to embark on an aggressive statewide campaign to engage those most isolated and affected by the pandemic, providing them with the tools to connect with peers and feel part of the broader community once again.

To address this challenge, Lions Camp Tatiyee is conducting a yearlong Social Connection Campaign to engage 75 children with special needs through our summer session (May 2021 – July 2021), and through biweekly social support sessions from August 2021 to May 2022. This program will participating children cope with, and recover form, the trauma associated with the pandemic.

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