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Elevate Phoenix Receives $25,000 Grant for Work with At-Risk Students Thunderbird Charities Recognizes Phoenix Nonprofit’s Effort in our Community

The grant from Thunderbirds Charities will be used to help students improve their academic skills and help families access needed services. “We are so grateful to Thunderbirds Charities for this opportunity,” said Dalila A. Gamper, Executive Director of Elevate Phoenix. “$25,000 is a lot of money for a local nonprofit and will go a long way in continuing the successful work we are doing.”

Elevate Phoenix will use the grant to continue its work in supporting at-risk youth and families, continuing our community outreach and quality of life for our clients and increased educational programs.

Specifically, Elevate will:

  • Secure electronic devices for the remaining 200 low-income youth we serve, who otherwise would not be able to afford them. Over the past year, with Covid and homeschooling at the forefront, Elevate has purchased and provided devices for more than 200 youth, yet more are needed.
  • Provide students with backpacks, filled with educational materials and other curriculum need to participate in the Elevate Phoenix program.
  • Arrange for our Teacher-Mentors to conduct reading, life skills and workforce preparedness curriculum virtually or in-person for students in grades 2-12.
  • Provide students and their families with reading subscriptions and encourage them to read every day.
  • Provide youth with tutoring, homework help, reading and literacy support.
  • Ensure our teacher-mentors are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help youth in distress.
  • Assist low-income families impacted by pandemic-related layoffs with food, through direct deliveries, information on where to get food boxes and engaging parents in summer reading and fitness programs with their youth.
  • Provide parents with assistance in accessing adult literacy programs, GED preparation, job searching, parenting skills and preventive health classes.

The grant will fund Elevate’s work for a full year, beginning now and extending through the next school year. “Partnerships with organizations like Thunderbirds Charities is one of the key reasons for our success,” Gamper added. “Elevate Phoenix invests in the lives of challenged urban youth and is available any time they need help. These youths’ lives are turned around because they have solid relationships with stable, caring adults – something most are missing in their lives.”

Elevate Phoenix

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