Operation Rebuilding Pride in Motion at Central Arizona Shelter Services

According to AZ Central, unsheltered homelessness has increased for the sixth straight year, and now makes up half of the population experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County.

For 35 years, CASS has worked towards ending homelessness one life at a time. They are committed to treating those experiencing homelessness with dignity and respect – a philosophy that facilitates their clients’ ability to take the steps needed to end their homelessness.

CASS has been awarded $100,000 from Thunderbirds Charities for their 13-year-old downtown shelter, located on the Human Services Campus. The entry way for the shelter was described as “cold and impersonal.” CASS envisioned a more welcoming place to begin a fresh start. Operation Rebuilding Pride is a collaborative effort to renovate CASS’ downtown adult shelter and administrative space. Since moving their 74,000 square foot facility in 2013, CASS’ interior and exterior have become extremely worn and run down; many areas were never high-quality to begin with and certainly not designed to inspire and instill hope. A renovated and welcoming shelter will reflect CASS’ commitment and culture of empowerment of those served, while helping instill a sense of pride and ownership in clients and staff.

Thunderbirds Charities was invited to celebrate Groundbreaking New Changes, and got an inside look at what’s to come for the future of this wonderful shelter space.

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