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Goodwill Receives $5,000 from Thunderbirds Charities

Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona is pleased to announce Thunderbirds Charities has donated $5,000 to help fund My Career Matters, an internal initiative to upskill and eliminate barriers to career advancement for their minimum wage employees, so they can move into new careers that provide higher wages.

“We believe acquiring the skills needed in today’s workforce will enable individuals to earn wages that can transition them out of poverty and above the ALICE threshold,” said Bobby Ghisolfo, Vice President of Mission Services, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. “My Career Matters is a holistic approach to employment. We’ll provide individuals the tools they need to feel confident, purpose driven and successful. Our plan is to start with retail and management employees, and we hope to reach 500 employees within the first year of implementation.”

ALICE households have income above the Federal Poverty Line but not high enough to afford essentials in the communities they live. As a result, they are forced to make tough choices, such as deciding between quality childcare or paying the rent, which have long term consequences not only for ALICE but for all.

My Career Matters is a mobile career center that connects individuals to no cost community resources, training and education and career development. Individuals can access everything from digital skills training, career coaching, resume review and certifications and hiring events from the comfort of their own home. The program is designed for Goodwill employees to work at their own pace after their shift.

Goodwill employees who wish to participate in My Career Matters should contact 1-833-471-2482.


This grant is part of the Spring 2022 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.