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notMYkid Receives $50,000 Investment from Thunderbirds Charities for Teen Peer Support Program

notMYkid is pleased to announce Thunderbirds Charities has invested $50,000 in support of their growing [i]nspired Peer Program to help teens navigate daily pressures, substance use disorder, and mental health challenges.

“notMYkid’s [i]nspired Peer Program is successfully helping teens who desperately need mental health support; resources to build healthy connections, confidence, and resilience; and improve overall safety and well-being,” said Kristen Polin, CEO of notMYkid. “Our program is utilizing trained and certified peer support specialists with lived experience and connects every teen to our [i]nspired technology-assisted care app. This dynamic platform ensures that participants remain connected to a healthy support network and provides immediate access to resources and tools needed to thrive and grow. We are so grateful for the ongoing support provided by Thunderbirds Charities and for recognizing that there is still an urgent need to support teens on the other side of the pandemic.”

After an initial intake with notMYkid’s behavioral health team, each participant in the [i]nspired Peer Program is paired with a certified peer support specialist. Peers foster relationships built on trust without judgement. They instill confidence and serve as an ally to struggling teens who need guidance while navigating their path to recovery. This 90-day program is tailored to meet individual needs and includes virtual and in-person meetings. Participants are also introduced to healthy activities and additional support programs offered at notMYkid’s [i]nspired well-being campus in Scottsdale, AZ.

To learn more about the [i]nspired peer program or to schedule a free consult with notMYkid’s behavioral health team, complete a pre-screening form or visit our website-


This grant is part of the Spring 2022 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.