Gompers Readtopia Thunderbirds Charities

Gompers Expands Readtopia to Peoria Location Thanks to Thunderbirds Charities

The cornerstone of personal growth is literacy. Thanks to Thunderbirds Charities, Gompers expands Readtopia to the Peoria campus. Readtopia is a comprehensive literacy curriculum paired with science and socials studies. It is designed for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities and modified for adults by Gompers. Thunderbirds Charities helped launch this programming at the Phoenix campus in 2019.

Readtopia brought members into a volcano in Iceland to introduce them to the book Journey to the Center of the Earth. The primary goal of introducing this curriculum was to increase the members’ engagement and active participation in their day.

In one year, 55 members will increase her/his reading level by half a grade level. Plus, in one year, individuals will increase active participation in lessons by 63% using the lesson participation rubric to measure this on all individuals.

We greatly appreciate Thunderbirds Charities’ support of Gompers’ programming. Gompers and its employees are passionate about assisting individuals with disabilities to achieve their highest level of independence and productivity in our community. Gompers’ staff helps its members and students accomplish this by living up to Gompers’ mission of developing innovative opportunities for people with disabilities and its seven core values every day.


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