EMPACT-SPC Thunderbirds Charities

EMPACT-SPC Prevention Department Receives $68,000 from Thunderbirds Charities

The Prevention Department at EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center (EMPACT-SPC) was awarded a $68,000 grant from Thunderbirds Charities to expand its Youth Suicide Prevention Program in Maricopa County. Using the Signs of Suicide evidence-based curriculum, EMPACT-SPC educates youth about the warning signs of suicide and how to intervene if they or a friend are at risk for suicide.

As a community, we should be concerned about helping youth who are struggling with depression or anxiety or suicidal ideation. Using the Signs of Suicide curriculum, middle and high school youth throughout Maricopa County will be screened for depression/suicide risk and will be educated about warning signs of suicide and how to intervene if a friend is at risk for suicide. The main goal of the program is early identification and referral. By identifying youth at-risk and referring them to appropriate mental health services, we believe we can save lives.

EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center (EMPACT-SPC)

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