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Children’s Museum of Phoenix Receives $35,000 from Thunderbirds Charities in Support of Children’s Garden and KIDchen Programming

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is excited to announce that Thunderbirds Charities has awarded the Museum $35,000 in support of the Museum’s Children’s Garden and KIDchen Programming.

The programs are designed to provide nutrition and healthy food education to children from an early age, incorporating fun and educational activities to teach youth how to grow and cook fresh produce. The Museum provides engaging projects, exhibits, and programming for young children and their families, while educating parents and caregivers about child development and parenting techniques. Programs crafted to instill healthy and nutritious living are fundamental to this holistic approach, equipping children and families with the knowledge and tools for improved wellbeing throughout life.

During 15-20-minute classes in the Garden, children learn about various plants, fruits, and vegetables, the life cycles of a seed, the process of maintaining a garden, what plants need to grow, and the farm-to-table process. The Garden curriculum educates youth about STEAM topics, teaching the science behind successful gardens and how to be a steward of sustainability. Children can participate in guided play through these classes or experiment in the Garden independently.

Harvested produce from the Garden is used in the KIDchen, where guided nutrition and cooking classes empower children to make healthy choices as they explore new foods and preparation techniques. Classes in the KIDchen are 20-60 minutes in length, teaching children to follow recipes, use a variety of kitchen tools, clean, chop, and prep veggies, and create delicious healthy snacks.

The Museum expects participating children to achieve the following outcomes: 1) Increased understanding of gardening, produce, cooking skills, and healthy recipes; 2) Increased abilities to collaborate and cooperate with peers; and 3) Increased willingness to adopt healthy and nutritious living habits.

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