Veterans Furniture Center Thunderbirds Charities

Veterans Furniture Center Awarded Grant by Thunderbirds Charities

The Veterans Furniture Center is honored to have the support of Thunderbirds Charities, 100% of the $25,000 donation will  go toward purchasing the furniture and household goods our transitioning veterans so desperately need to start a new life and stay off the streets.

The Veterans Furniture Center (VFC) is a veteran run, volunteer-based, 501(c)(3) dedicated to assisting formerly homeless veterans’ transition to permanent housing by providing them, free of charge, the furniture and household goods they need to establish a home and successfully return to society. The VFC focus is on transitioning veterans who are moving into permanent housing under the HUD-VASH program. While the VA does an outstanding job providing counseling, healthcare, and other services, and transitioning these homeless veterans into subsidized housing, providing them safe shelter, it lacks the authority and budget to provide furniture or necessary household goods. By providing free furniture and household goods, the VFC fills that “critical gap.”  When the VFC volunteers deliver furniture and household goods, they turn that shelter into a home, giving the destitute veteran hope for the future and a new lease on life.

This grant is part of the Spring 2019 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.