Detour Actor and Coach

Thunderbirds Charities Supports Detour Company Theatre in Season Expansion

Detour Company Theatre provides theater training and performance experiences for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities, giving them authentic opportunities to develop artistry, demonstrate courage and collaboration, experience joy and participate in the sharing of musical theater with the entire community.

In the past, Thunderbirds Charities has supported Detour Company Theatre in expanding their last season, with tremendous success. They have now been awarded $10,000 to continue expanding their programming by training new directors. This will ensure an authentic education experience for a new generation of directors and teachers.

Detour is unique in being SOLELY an organization furthering arts experiences for those unable to experience success in traditional settings. They serve those who are deaf, blind and/or as cognitively challenged in the same performance group. Thunderbirds Charities is proud to support an organization that continues to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Check out their website to attend upcoming shows! Admission is free while donations are gratefully accepted.

Detour Company Theatre

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