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Thunderbirds Charities Help Musicians with Disabilities Rock On!

We are excited to announce continued partnership between Thunderbirds Charities and Higher Octave Healing’s Rock Band Program. Thunderbirds Charities has previously funded various programs at Higher Octave Healing to support music therapy services for people with developmental disabilities and their families. The Rock Band Program provides group music therapy rock bands to 65 members with developmental disabilities in a total of 15 bands. Thunderbirds Charities has donated $8,000 towards the Rock Band Program in 2022, covering technology and equipment costs. The funding will be put towards iPads needed to display visual aids and record music, musical equipment needs such as new instruments or instrument repair, and other materials needed to run the program smoothly. Guitar strings break, and new strings don’t grow on trees! With this funding, we are excited to supplement the return of our Rock Band Program to the clinic and get back to playing “real instruments” in the clinic. Thank you, Thunderbirds Charities! You are truly making a difference in the lives of our band members.

Higher Octave Healing seeks to increase the quality of life and promote the empowerment of people in the Phoenix area through a variety of therapy, research, resources, and community outreach programs. Our goals are to enhance public awareness about the benefits of music therapy, increase availability of music therapy services, provide support, resources, and related services for individuals, groups, and families, advance music therapy research, and offer continuing education and support for professionals and students working in music therapy and related fields. Current music therapy projects in place are varied based on need.  The Rock Band program serves teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Higher Octave Healing also partners with a variety of community sites to provide music therapy at schools, day programs, assisted living facilities, and with hospice providers, in addition to providing individual and small group music therapy sessions (virtual and in person).  We serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area including most cities in Maricopa county. We primarily work with children, teens, and adults with disabilities, with our clients also including people on hospice care and mothers and children at risk for developing a disability.  We estimate that we currently serve over 1,000 individuals per week with our combined settings.  

Higher Octave Healing

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