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Thunderbirds Charities Grants Hope Women’s Center $20,000 for Their “Hope Heals” program

Mental health issues have increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols that have been in place for the past year. Hope Women’s Center is responding to this problem with their “Hope Heals” program, and thanks to a grant award from Thunderbirds Charities, HWC can provide mental health support to women and teen girls in Arizona’s underserved communities.

“Isolation, abuse, and job loss have led to increased anxiety, depression, and distress in the women we serve. We launched our ‘Hope Heals’ program last October to provide free crisis counseling, trauma assessment and support,” says Tammy Abernethy, CEO of Hope Women’s Center. “We are so grateful to Thunderbirds Charities for this grant allowing us to provide a therapeutic level of care within the safety and familiarity of Hope Women’s Center.”

Women are referred to the Hope Heals program by center staff. All crisis counseling and crisis counseling support groups are provided to clients without cost or restriction. Gaps between community need and community care are large in underserved neighborhoods, particularly in the areas of mental and emotional health. By providing care for free through the “Hope Heals” program, Hope Women’s Center is bridging those gaps.

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