Thunderbirds Charities Grants $10K to Hospice DreamCatcher Foundation

Hospice DreamCatcher Foundation Inc. (“DreamCatchers”) is excited to announce receipt of a $10K grant from the Thunderbird Charities. These funds will support the expansion and growth of DreamCatchers in Maricopa County.  Local high school and college students set up DreamCatchers chapters at their school, partner with a local hospice, and set about granting the final Dreams of hospice patients. With the Thunderbird Charities grant, DreamCatchers can start more chapters, allowing for the fulfillment of many more end-of-life Dreams for hospice patients throughout the Valley.  Both young and old see tremendous benefit in connecting together through DreamCatchers, enriching lives and widening intergenerational perspectives all while having a fun experience.

Caitlin Crommett, the founder and president of DreamCatchers, states, “We are incredibly excited and grateful for the support provided through this grant by the Thunderbird Charities. We will now have the capacity to increase our presence here in Maricopa County- our home county- and impact more hospice patients and young students in the area. We are proud to be based in such a supportive community, and can’t wait to make a greater difference than ever with the support of the Thunderbirds.”

“We’re extremely happy to help Hospice DreamCatcher Foundation in their efforts to benefit our local communities,” said Carlos Sugich, Thunderbirds Charities President. “These DreamCatchers are the leaders of the future, and we’re thrilled to see such a positive impact from our young people.”