Saving Amy Thunderbirds Charities

Thunderbirds Charities Awards Saving Amy $20,000 to Support the Rise Up Program!

Saving Amy was founded with a mission to Create Community, Transform Lives and Resolve Homelessness. Saving Amy takes a holistic approach to ending the cycle of homelessness by empowering individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness. We transform lives through mentoring, teaching life skills, educational advancement, and financial stability through employment.

Saving Amy’s Rise Up Program provides everything needed to make each family’s house a home. Rise Up is a two-part program that includes supporting families as they transition out of the homeless shelter, and as they progress to live in better neighborhoods. Saving Amy first provides financial support for families as they transition out of the homeless shelter, including coverage for first and last month’s rent, moving expenses, and other home-related necessities. As the family progresses and finds stability with a secure job, they are then able to pay their bills without government assistance and can afford an apartment in a better neighborhood. Employment, income, education, and physical health are significantly improved when families live in high-quality neighborhoods.

Saving Amy families move forward with the realization that they will never be back on the street or in a homeless shelter again. In turn, the families help to support others who are on the path they have traveled — from a life that felt hopeless and out of control, to an empowered life filled with dignity and hope.

‘Saving Amy is grateful that Thunderbirds Charities recognizes that all people deserve a place to call home in safe neighborhoods with A+ schools,’ says Founder and Executive Director, Jennifer Kiernan.

Saving Amy

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