Arizona Food Bank

Thunderbirds Charities Awards $20,000 Grant to Fight Hunger in Arizona

The grant funds from Thunderbirds Charities will support our on-going efforts to fight hunger in Arizona. Some of our efforts include working with elected officials at the state and national level on food policy issues that affect Arizonans, supporting our member food banks by transporting food to those who need it most and purchasing food in bulk at a discount. We also partner with schools and their school districts, community organizations and other non-profits to ensure kids receive proper nutrition three times a day, seven days week through school meals and summer meal programs.

“The Arizona Food Bank Network is so appreciative of Thunderbirds Charities for this gift to help address the root causes of hunger, and to work together with communities to solve the food insecurity problem that is affecting one in every six Arizonans. Thank you!” Angie Rogers, CEO of Arizona Food Bank Network.

Arizona Food Bank Network

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