Circle the City Mobile Medical Unit

Thunderbirds Charities Awards $100,000 to Circle the City

Circle the City, a community health organization dedicated to providing high quality, holistic healthcare to people experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County, was awarded a $100,000 grant from Thunderbirds Charities to support the purchase of a third mobile medical clinic and a portable generator. The grant helps expand Circle the City’s outreach to people facing homelessness in the north Phoenix and Sunnyslope area. The portable generator will provide power at Circle the City’s two medical respite centers in the event of severe weather resulting in power outages.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the continued support of Thunderbirds Charities,” added Ross. “Their contributions support our vision of healthier communities without homelessness. ”

Transportation is a significant barrier for individuals facing homelessness and needing medical attention, so they often rely on emergency responders and hospital emergency departments for routine, non-emergent healthcare. Mobile medical outreach enables Circle the City to meet and treat individuals where they are – on the streets, at public parks, partner agencies and in other pockets of high-density homelessness. Circle the City believes it must meet patients ‘where they are,’ in a literal sense, but also without judgment or bias, embracing dignity and respect for all patients.

Circle the City Mobile Medical Unit

The mobile medical clinic is the third in Circle the City’s fleet, each of which have two exam rooms and operate with a physician assistant, medical assistant and an outreach specialist. The mobile clinics have unique service paths, providing healthcare to people experiencing homelessness in central Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, north Phoenix and Sunnyslope.

“Homelessness has devastating effects on a person’s mental and physical health,” said Chance Cozby, President of Thunderbirds Charities. “We’re happy to support an organization that identified a need for mobile healthcare for the homeless back in 2015, which not only helps eliminate barriers to receiving primary and behavioral health services, but also alleviates pressure on the public emergency response system.”

Thunderbirds Charities has supported Circle the City’s mission of providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare to those facing homelessness.

Circle the City

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