Thunderbirds Charities $25,000 Grant Supports Families with Children, Birth to 5, with Disabilities

In 2019, Thunderbirds Charities supported the creation of an Online Resource Guide for Families of Infants and Toddlers, that features support and information for parents who have questions about their children’s development. Since the launch of the online resource guide, Raising Special Kids has already seen large numbers of use and positive reception. It has proven effective for a majority of families who have accessed it.

However, there are families in Arizona who cannot use the online tool well, lack access to the internet, or have other difficulties that are preventing the use of the online guide. Raising Special Kids has seen better success with outreach and personal attention from Family Support Specialists. With the renewing support from Thunderbirds Charities, Raising Special Kids will be able to expand their reach to those families in-person and teach them how to use the tool for its full benefit.

Raising Special Kids’ vision is to present information to families raising a child with a suspected or diagnosed disability about their rights and responsibilities, services options, community resources, and the process of accessing the Arizona Early Intervention Program, as well as what they can do if their child is ineligible for these services.

“We’re thankful to Thunderbirds Charities for renewing their support for our mission. Their generosity made our online tool possible, and now again, we have the chance to make it more accessible to the families we serve,” said Christopher Tiffany, M.A., ED., executive director of Raising Special Kids.

Raising Special Kids

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