SPOT 127 Announces $7,500 Award from Thunderbirds Charities

KJZZ’s Youth Media Center, SPOT 127 is happy to announce receipt of a $7,500 award from Thunderbirds Charities. SPOT 127 will use this generous gift of support to replace outdated equipment at the SPOT 127 Youth Media Centers. The equipment is used to teach high school students multimedia skills and has not been replaced in 7 years.

Thanks to the Thunderbirds Charities award, SPOT 127 will purchase Apple 27” iMacs and Canon Digital Cameras to enhance digital learning. This equipment will support the 350+ present and future student beneficiaries at SPOT 127’s Youth Media Centers.

SPOT 127 offers a variety of journalism and multimedia experiences by connecting to topics that impact the lives of high school students. SPOT 127 gives “at-risk” valley teens the opportunity to develop life skills that go beyond the classroom.

KJZZ’s Youth Media Center

This grant is part of the Spring 2020 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.