Phoenix Indian Center Thunderbirds Charities

Phoenix Indian Center Receives Funding from Thunderbirds Charities

Phoenix Indian Center announces a contribution of $25,000 from Thunderbirds Charities to provide emergency rental assistance to families in need across the valley. Low-income urban American Indian families continue to struggle after being adversely affected by the pandemic over the last year. Many have suffered loss of employment and reduced hours, leaving them unable to pay rent in addition to life’s other daily challenges.

“Thank you, Thunderbirds Charities, for your thoughtful support of the community during this time of need!” said Patricia Hibbeler, CEO of the Phoenix Indian Center. “The families supported through rental assistance will make a difference in the lives of adults and youth, maintaining their residence. Your partnership and trust matters.”

With these funds, the Phoenix Indian Center has been able to provide emergency rental assistance to over 30 families in just two months, preventing homelessness for more than 120 people. This organization continues to fight the critical issue of housing security focusing on its vision of a healthy and thriving Indian Country.

Phoenix Indian Center

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