Arizona Council on Economic Education Thunderbirds Charities

New Grant to Drive Financial, Social, and Emotional Learning for Arizona Children

The Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE) was recently awarded $40,000 of grant funding from Thunderbirds Charities to support innovative programs for Arizona students and teachers. ACEE reaches hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of K-12 students from low- to moderate-income families and rural communities by developing financial, economic, and entrepreneurship skills.

The global pandemic brought unprecedented challenges for families, students and teachers. New as well as veteran teachers surveyed believe it is even more important now to teach students financial and economic literacy, and they need more support now than ever before. Social and emotional learning, technology, and new teaching strategies are critical support classroom learning in this new educational environment.

The grant will bolster ACEE in their development of innovative tools, games, curriculum, and strategies to support teachers and help tens of thousands more students in gaining back the educational lessons and connections that were taken away by the pandemic. Teachers will be able to apply ACEE materials efficiently to economics, math, business, reading and writing classes for their students.

“Thunderbirds Charities is partnering with ACEE to systematically achieve economic equity and social justice through financial and economic education for all children in Arizona,” said Elena Zee, ACEE President and CEO. “Thunderbirds Charities has been one of the most committed long-term investors of ACEE to support K-12 teachers and ensure students’ success in good times and challenging times.”

Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE)

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