Domestic Violence Awareness Month October

October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

“Every year in Arizona we see about 100 fatalities due to domestic violence, these are not limited to those involved directly in the violence, but include bystanders who tried to intervene and first responders. A 2017 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that almost 40% of people in Arizona had been subject to domestic abuse” (Maricopa County Attorney’s Office).

Thunderbird Charities continues to support organizations in the Valley whose mission is geared towards providing safety, support, therapy, and more. Here is what has been funded from our most recent Fall and Spring cycles. We’d also like to thank organizations we have funded in the past for the work they do.

Community Alliance Against Family Abuse (CAAFA)
CAAFA’s mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities to be free from abuse through collaboration, prevention, awareness, and support. They received $7,500 from Thunderbird Charities to implement equine-assisted therapy facilitated by a licensed professional counselor, on-site at the CAAFA shelter. Children often come to CAAFA not trusting others or isolating themselves due to the domestic and/or sexual violence they have experienced. Over time, through interacting with the equine therapy horses, they become more communicative and trusting, and they begin to talk about how they are feeling. Further, when parents and children interact together with the horses, it creates a safe place to build a bridge and strengthen their bond, which may have been strained due to their trauma. Equine therapy is a unique way to help children harness their innate mental, emotional, and physical strengths in order to counteract their exposure to abuse and position them for positive, healthy futures.

Chrysalis Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence
Chrysalis is focused on helping individuals and families break free of relationships riddled with fear and violence, and discover confidence, resilience, and hope. Thunderbird Charities awarded Chrysalis $90,000 to expand providing transportation to victims of domestic violence and their children who have been exposed to domestic violence. Their transportation service is in high demand; therefore, an additional Transportation Advocate and vehicle will help expand their hours of service and be able to provide more survivors and their children reliable transportation. Chrysalis’ Victim Services is comprised of emergency shelter, transitional housing, outpatient counseling, and victim advocacy. It is a core component in the agency’s effort to end the cycle of domestic violence.

Hope Women’s Center
Hope Women’s Center is a faith-based non-profit organization that engages women in viewing themselves through the lens of worth and value, encourages them in processing trauma and healing trigger responses, and equips them with tools for breaking unhealthy patterns and making positive choices. Thunderbird Charities granted $10,000 towards providing free trauma-informed services that continue to help Arizona women heal from past trauma. In 2018, they invested 2,770 hours to mentor women in the community and create a safe space for them to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

“We admire the work and services that Hope Women’s Center provides,” said Chance Cozby, President of Thunderbirds Charities. “We know this grant is going to help so many women receive the vital services that are crucial to success. We look forward to seeing them expand on the good work they do.”

Hope Community Services
Hope Community Services (HCS), formerly West Valley Child Crisis Center, is committed to offering innovative programs that can meaningfully impact the lives of children who have experienced trauma and their families and caregivers. They have received $10,000 to assist with the provision of Equine Therapy for children who have experienced compound trauma in their young lives. Equine Therapy will complete the continuum of care already established by HCS by offering an alternative form of therapy for children whose lives are extremely impaired by significant trauma.

House of Refuge Sunnyslope
The focus of House of Refuge Sunnyslope is to provide a safe and healthy transitional living environment that restores men and women through Biblical values, fellowship, and full-time work. They received $25,000 from Thunderbird Charities for their Adopt-A-Home Program. House of Refuge provides a home for up to 12 months for families experiencing homelessness. During this time, families move out of crisis with the help of a case manager, develop employment strategies, and build skills in order to be successful in moving to permanent housing.

UMOM restores hope and rebuilds lives by providing shelter, services and affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness. Domestic violence is one of the primary causes of homelessness for women and children. Their New Day Centers offer a private room for families, and families of military services. Right away, families are given a private room and get connected with a case manager who listens to their story and connects the family with resources to overcome their challenges.

Sojourner Center
Since 1977, Sojourner Center has been a safe haven from domestic violence for women and their children in Arizona. Today, Sojourner Center is committed to expanding their safety net of services for women, children, men and pets. Shelter is critical, but we must provide more if we want to achieve a world free from domestic violence. Sojourner has expanded their services further into the community through education and prevention.

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
Fresh Start Women’s Foundation provides women with education, resources and support to positively transform their lives. They provide support in family law, mentoring, and social work. There are also workshops dedicated to improving life skills and career/education.

“Our efforts [to close those gaps] began with the formation of our mentoring program in 1998, and in 2002, the Women’s Resource Center opened its doors and gave us ample space to welcome women to take advantage of our growing catalog of services.”

Child Crisis Arizona (CCA)
CCA’s mission is to provide children and youth in Arizona a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect, by creating strong and successful families. They do this through prevention, intervention and education programs designed to support the thousands of children and families who may be at risk. Their programs include an emergency children’s shelter, foster care and adoption, early education services, counseling, and workshops.

Phoenix Rescue Mission
Phoenix Rescue Mission is a place of hope, healing, and new beginnings for men, women, and children in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and trauma. They offer a variety of long-term and short-term programs that are dedicated to helping individuals and their families recover.

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix
The Family Promise mission is providing emergency shelter and social services to help families move toward independent housing and self-sufficiency. In operation since 2000, Family Promise – Greater Phoenix has provided more than just shelter for families.  For the past 19 years, the programs at Family Promise have helped more than 500 families. These programs have enabled families to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities’ mission is to help our community’s most vulnerable with solutions that permanently improve lives. Toward the end of the Great Depression in 1933, Catholic Charities opened an office in downtown Phoenix with their first director, Eileen Ward, advocating for vulnerable children. They have grown to offer shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness and abuse, protect and nurture children, strengthen and reunify families, welcome and assist refugees, aid those in crisis, and help the impoverished.

This grant is part of the Spring 2019 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.