Meals of Joy Awarded 20K From Thunderbirds Charities

Meals of Joy Awarded 20K From Thunderbirds Charities

Litchfield Park, Ariz.– Meals of Joy, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing ready-to-eat meals to seniors in need, has received $20 thousand from Thunderbirds Charities to support Meals Of Joy’s efforts to provide no cost meals.
The primary goal is to feed food-insecure seniors living independently in the West Valley with freshly-made, nutritious meals. Unfortunately, there are more seniors in need than funding available to provide meals at no or low cost. Seniors live on a fixed income, and many face impossible choices between food and shelter or medical care. Often, they are simply physically unable to make food for themselves. A recent study by Feeding America found that 5.2 million Americans over 60 are food insecure.
When the fiscal year began this past July, more than 50 requests for no cost meals had already been received. Inflation has hit everyone hard, particularly vulnerable seniors.

For every $5,000 received, Meals of Joy can supply 350 meals to 20 food-insecure seniors in the West Valley. With the generous funding from Thunderbird Charities, more than 1,400 hot and ready-to-eat meals will be served to 80 seniors in need.

Meals of Joy’s mission is not only to provide a hot meal, but also a caring compassionate volunteer that delivers the meal to their doorstep and ensures their well being.

“Since Meals of Joy was founded, it has been my greatest wish to feed every vulnerable senior in the West Valley a fresh meal, one that’s handmade every day by our local kitchens. We not only want to provide good food, but a caring visit from our volunteers. This grant brings us another step closer to meeting the great need,” said Meals of Joy Founder Larry Cervarich.

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