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Impact One Receives $8,000 to Assist Women with Breast Cancer in Arizona with the Hope Box Program

Our Hope in a Box Essentials Project provides the patient with needed items that are in direct relation due to chemotherapy treatment, radiation treatment or any surgery that is related to breast cancer often not covered by insurance.

The funding for the Hope Box Project will allow Impact One to ship boxes of items valued up to $500.00 to over 320 women at zero cost to the patients. This key component is the very essence of Impact One’s existence. Our program is designed so that each woman not only receives one-on-one support through outreach but by providing vital essentials needed for recovery.

The population of women that are served are women of all ethnic groups as well as those that are insured, underinsured and uninsured. We also serve those recently diagnosed or have already been in treatment and the women that have simply gone without the vital essentials needed after a breast cancer diagnosis in Arizona.

Elizabeth Ayers Cluff, Founder of Impact One, personally understands the trials, hardships and lack of resources available and believes “no woman should be forgotten”. “Impact One was founded to empower all women with self-worth, in the comfort of providing a safe community and to feel whole again.”

Impact One

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