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Hushabye Nursery Grand Opening

Addiction steals the dignity and freedom of the individual, splinters families, and threatens the safety of our communities. Hushabye Nursery is thankful for the generosity and support of Thunderbirds Charities. Thunderbirds Charities has provided Hushabye Nursery $100,000 in support of our grand opening and programming. In November 2020, Hushabye Nursery opened its doors and began offering an innovative and trauma-informed medical care model created by nurse practitioners to treat infants experiencing Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Hushabye Nursery is a 12-room inpatient detox nursery customized to treat babies born with NAS which also provides intensive outpatient family services as part of prenatal and postnatal continuous care. This integrated, comprehensive approach is the first of its type in Arizona and only the third in the nation.

Our service model focuses on prevention and intervention strategies fostering health equity. Our team is committed to excellence and using evidence based best practices. Our services are available to any Arizona family experiencing substance use disorder no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make. Hushabye Nursery creates improved outcomes for babies, families, and the community by increasing access to quality care, reducing health care costs, and creating a more equitable healthcare option our community today. Hushabye Nursery integrates healthcare and social services to fuel an evolution for family systems and communities impacted by the opioid epidemic. Our leadership will provide scalable solutions for future growth and a roadmap for cost containment.

Hushabye Nursery wants to not just think about pioneering solutions but also do the hard work to make things better for families and communities. Grant funding from Thunderbirds Charities will allow us to give NAS babies in our community the start they need while we elevate their families with the programs and skills that will empower them to shape their own future.

Hushabye Nursery

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