Hope Women’s Center

As ACEs and the importance of trauma informed care continue garnering awareness in Arizona, one question remains: How will low-income individuals afford trauma care?  Hope Women’s Center has an answer – their trauma informed services are free. And thanks to the recent grant award from Thunderbirds Charities, Hope’s 5 locations can continue helping Arizona women heal from past trauma.  ‘Empower Her’, Hope’s one-on-one mentoring program, is Hope’s approach to trauma healing.

“Mentoring allows a client to meet with a trained mentor for deeper emotional work. Being both relational and holistic, ‘Empower Her’ has a unique approach that creates a safe space for a woman to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually from past trauma,” says Tammy Abernethy, CEO of Hope Women’s Center. “We’ve spent 35 years building trusting relationships with women and teen girls. In 2018, we invested 2,770 hours mentoring women in our communities and we expect that number to grow in 2019 as we open our 5th center in Maricopa and expand our Coolidge center. We are so grateful to Thunderbirds Charities!”

“We admire the work and services that Hope Women’s Center provides,” said Chance Cozby, President of Thunderbirds Charities. “We know this grant is going to help so many women receive the vital services that are crucial to success. We look forward to seeing them expand on the good work they do.”


This grant is part of the Spring 2019 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.