Thunderbirds Charities Awards the Arizona Council on Economic Education $45,000 to bring Math in the Real World to K12 Students in Arizona

Hope Women’s Center Receives Significant Grant of $20,000 from Thunderbirds Charities to Enhance ‘Hope Heals’ Program

The ‘Hope Heals’ program, a vital component of HWC’s services, is responding to an increasing need to prevent child removal during family crises. Given the profound trauma associated with family disruption, HWC is poised to enhance its counseling services, with support from Thunderbirds Charities. This response to the growing demand underscores the critical importance and impact of the ‘Hope Heals’ program in the community.

The grant awarded to Hope Women’s Center will enable the hiring of an additional licensed therapist, who will provide counseling and oversee multiple counseling interns throughout the grant period, thereby increasing the availability of crisis counseling support groups. Utilizing trained mentors and center managers for observational screening, cases exhibiting critical needs, such as self-harm, a history of ongoing or severe abuse, a pattern of mental health concerns, or an open DCS case, will be referred to the licensed therapist. The therapist can then arrange the necessary on-site or tele-health consultations with the client.

Furthermore, ‘Hope Heals’ ensures holistic client wellbeing by providing mental health care in a safe environment at HWC, along with free childcare. This approach allows mothers to attend counseling sessions stress-free, reflecting HWC’s commitment to the comprehensive needs of women and teen girls facing crises.

Tammy Abernethy, Chief Executive Officer of Hope Women’s Center, expressed her gratitude: “This generous grant from Thunderbirds Charities is a game-changer for us. It allows us to reach more women and provide holistic mental health care within a safe, familiar environment. We’re also thrilled to offer free childcare onsite, ensuring mothers can receive care without worry.”

Hope Women’s Center

This grant is part of the Fall 2023 cycle. View a list of all Recent Grantees.