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Friendly House, Inc. Receives Grant Award from Thunderbirds Charities to Support the Integrated GED + College Certification for Adults program

Thunderbirds Charities awarded $35,000 to Friendly House to support its Integrated GED + College Certification for Adults. Through Friendly House’s Adult Education department, the GED + program will serve two student cohorts beginning in 2022. Students will be provided the instruction necessary to attain their High School Equivalency diploma while concurrently receiving one of the following college level certifications: COMP TIA+ in partnership with GateWay Community College or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through Accord Healthcare Institute. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to enter the workforce with the credentials needed to acquire entry level work in IT or healthcare as well as accreditations for pursuing additional post-secondary education.

“Friendly House is grateful to Thunderbirds Charities since this donation supports a valuable program that provides meaningful long-term benefits to these students and in turn our community,” said Jerry Mendoza, President and CEO of Friendly House, Inc.

Friendly House’s longstanding Adult Education and Workforce Development departments have been training and upskilling individuals in order to attain self-sufficiency and economic independence. Since the pandemic hit, it is estimated that one in four 16 to 24- year-olds is not in school or working. Our hope is to not only address the employment skills needs among opportunity youth, but also address the shortage of IT and Healthcare workers the country is experiencing.

Friendly House

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