Elevate Phoenix Receives $75,000 From The Thunderbirds Charities To Help Change the Lives and Futures of Thousands of At-Risk Youth

Elevate Phoenix Receives $75,000 From Thunderbirds Charities To Help Change the Lives and Futures of Thousands of At-Risk Youth

Thunderbirds Charities provided a generous grant of $75,000 to improve the academic success of low-income, at-risk youth who are failing in school, lack positive role models, experience daily stressors (i.e., gang influences, difficult home lives, etc.), feel they have no future, and are considering dropping out of school. Since 2009, Elevate Phoenix has helped thousands of these youth remain in school, graduate, and move on to college and a career. The Thunderbirds Charities grant will support Elevate Phoenix’s fourth pipeline, which is comprised of one high school and one feeder elementary/middle school. The grant will enable Elevate Phoenix to serve up to 2,500 more low-income, at-risk youth each year.

“We are tremendously grateful to Thunderbirds Charities for this very generous grant,” said Dalila Gamper, Executive Director. “The funding will help thousands more at-risk youth stay in school, advance to college and a career, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty. Our unique, relationship-based model is very successful.

For 14 years, Elevate Phoenix has kept thousands of at-risk youth in school and helped them succeed and advance to college and a career. Its one-of-a-kind relationship-based approach makes youth WANT to come to school, where they feel cared about, are greeted warmly every morning, and are encouraged throughout the day. Each year, 100% of the youth Elevate Phoenix serves successfully advance to the next grade, 98% or more graduate and 100% of seniors have a post-secondary plan for college, a trade/certificate program, the military and/or the workforce.

“Thunderbirds Charities supports the great work of Elevate Phoenix because we want to see our youth succeed in school and beyond. We know they are on the right path when they are engaged with this fantastic program,” said Pat Williams, President of Thunderbirds Charities.

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