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Changing the World, One Child at A Time

Leukemia is the leading cause of death by disease among children up to age 19 and though survival rates have improved drastically, it remains a profoundly serious and oftentimes fatal disease. The long-term survival has however afforded the identification of problems that are a result of the very treatments that have allowed these children to live. The medical community therefore encourages that each child undergoes a neuropsychological evaluation and follow-up. Through the support from Thunderbirds Charities, we can continue this life-saving work.

The Leukemia Foundation for Arizona’s Children (LFAC) created the “Encircled by Love” program to assist in offsetting the oftentimes prohibitive expense of the evaluations and follow-up to already financially impacted families. When LFAC looks at the children of this world, they see a world of promise and possibility. LFAC is committed to every child treated for childhood leukemia in the state of Arizona, so that their todays can be as bright and full of possibility as their potential tomorrows.

Leukemia Foundation for Arizona’s Children (LFAC)

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