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Camp Catanese Will Return to In-Person Camp in 2021 Thanks to Support from Thunderbirds Charities

This grant will fund two sessions of Camp Catanese in July 2021 – an intensive science, math, and college preparatory camp for low-income high school students to gain support and information on how to access college in a fun and engaging setting. Thunderbirds Charities’ grant will fund Covid-safe, in-person and virtual camp options for up to 350 9th through 12th grade campers, the majority of whom will be first-generation college students. After a year of supporting campers remotely, we are incredibly grateful to get back to in-person programming, which would not have been possible without Thunderbirds Charities!

“Camp Catanese has been a second home for me and my friends where we have felt safe, are happy to be there, and are surrounded by so many people we look up to. It is such an incredible feeling when I get to reunite with people who I haven’t seen in a long time. Camp helps me to free myself from any problems and stress I have had, overcome obstacles, and the counselors offer advice to help become a better person. Their advice has motivated both me and my friends to continue on in life and have helped with many things such as applying to colleges, listening to us when we needed someone to talk to, and have motivated us to keep going in our education! I am excited Camp Cat 2021 is happening because I missed my second home,” said Alex Hernandez Guzman, Camper and Senior Class of 2021, Arizona State University (Class of 2025).

Camp Catanese

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