ALS Arizona Receives $25,000 Donation From Thunderbirds Charities

ALS Arizona Receives $25,000 Donation From Thunderbirds Charities

PHOENIX – Thunderbirds Charities, the fundraising wing of The Thunderbirds, donated $25,000 to ALS Arizona formerly known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association Arizona Chapter to support the organization’s Caring for the Caregivers program.

“The Thunderbirds donation is incredibly generous, and we couldn’t be more grateful,” said Taryn Norley, President and CEO of ALS Arizona. “Donations like these allow us to help maintain the well-being of individuals with ALS and those who support them.”
ALS is a terminal illness that impacts all aspects of a person’s life, often resulting in decreased quality of life at a time when it matters most. ALS Arizona employs a multi-dimensional approach to support the physical, emotional, and social needs of people with ALS, and their families. The Caring for the Caregiver program addresses the unique needs of ALS caregivers and arms them with the skills and resources necessary to provide safe care and manage the stressors of their new role.
This program helps caregivers maintain a higher quality of life by providing the following services:

  • Caregiver Skills Training: Four hands-on skills training are held to teach the techniques of safe and successful support.
  • Respite Care: Up to $800 is provided to 45 families to hire caregivers, enabling the primary caretaker to take a break from the rigors of their daily routine.
  • Support Groups and Counseling: Monthly support groups and individual sessions with a licensed counselor provide opportunities for individuals to process and cope with the many emotional stressors they are facing while receiving support from peers in parallel situations.
  • Caregiver Appreciation Events: During Caregiver Appreciation Month in November, the organization recognizes the hard work of all those who support an individual with ALS.

For more information on the ALS Arizona, visit the website at Like the organization on Facebook at ALS Arizona .

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