A New Leaf and Thunderbirds Charities Partner to Help Vulnerable Youth

A New Leaf is pleased to announce the award of a $100,000 grant from Thunderbirds Charities to support children and youth who are homeless, living in poverty, or who have experienced domestic violence. “We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support of Thunderbirds Charities,” said Michael Hughes, CEO of A New Leaf. “This gift of $100,000 will benefit children and youth in our community through a variety of programs at A New Leaf – from early childhood education to after school programs to residential treatment. A New Leaf helps individuals thrive, providing compassion, community resources, and certified care to give them a fresh start. Thunderbirds Charities is truly making an impact for vulnerable children and youth in our community.”

A New Leaf will use the grant funding to help children and youth overcome challenges by providing vital services that support health and well-being, build positive relationships, resolve challenges linked to trauma, and foster academic and social success. Programs include an early childhood education program at Phoenix Day, afterschool programs for children who cannot attend mainstream programs due to behavioral and other challenges, and outpatient and residential behavioral health treatment and shelter programs.

“We’re thrilled to help A New Leaf and their mission to positively impact so many lives here in the Valley,” said Thunderbirds Charities President Carlos Sugich. “Thunderbirds Charities shares a common commitment with A New Leaf to serve the young people in our communities. We’re very proud to be a part of that.”